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7/11/11 - 3:06am
I have a new home now with a very loving family and seven toy poodles to play with. I am so happy with all of my new friends.
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Name: Taffy
MEMBER SINCE: Apr 28, 2009
Location: Readsboro, Vermont, United States
Type: Dogs
Gender: Female
Age: 7 years 3 months
ABOUT Taffy,

Taffy is an apricot standard poodle puppy. When she is old enough, I will be showing her in the show ring. She is a little spit-fire and loves to play and cuddle.


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Taffy, Thank you so much for coming by, I really appreciate it. and it did go though this time. Thanks Again my new friend.
Jul 12, 2011
Hi Taffy, I want to thank you for coming to make friends and the lovely compliments you gave me, I received your cute point and I thank you for it. I refreshed my puter and poof it was gone, I was wondering if you get a chance could you please swing by and see if its a - sign on your end, if its a +sign could you please hit it again. Thanks you so much my fellow New Englander and welcome back again my new friend.
Jul 11, 2011
Hi ya Taffy-welcome to Cuteness. You sure are purrty. My brother Patchez and I have already had the privilege of meeting Song and Billy and so of course wanted to meet you too my friend. Here's a +1 for you from me and Patch. Have a good evening.
Jul 11, 2011
Hi Taffy,its so nice to meet you, you are beautiful , my auntie had two poodles one was a little Gigi, and the other little Peri, I think poodles are gorgeous and very smart. +1 cute point my new friend.
Jul 11, 2011
Taffy I must say you are very beautiful! I certainly can't leave without giving you a special cutie point +1
Jul 11, 2011
teeeheeee mud puddles are Pawesome nice to meet you guys! Hope to see ya around sometime maybe in the dog park and we can talk about pawesome puddles!!!
Jul 11, 2011
Ahhhh Taffy, what a sweet and beautiful face you have! +1 for you my friend. Nellie Lee
Oct 04, 2010
Ahhhh Taffy, what a sweet and beautiful face you have! +1 for you my friend. Nellie Lee
Oct 04, 2010
Are we twins.
Jul 19, 2009
Hi Taffy, I understand. I was a baby not so long ago and I'm still a kid. I go to obedience class and everyone says it has paid off very nicely and that I'm well behaved, but I do like to have fun. I have play dates with a retired black standard show poodle named Blackberry and I met my sister Vicky (I'm cuter and smaller). I love dark apricots. I have a dark apricot standard friend who I sometimes see when I go to day care. Have fun and good luck. Hope to keep in touch. Love, Luna
Jun 08, 2009