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9/21/09 - 9:02pm
this weekend i joined my friend flash in fish heaven
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Name: violet
MEMBER SINCE: Jul 11, 2009
Location: Savannah, Georgia, United States
Type: Fish
Breed: Betta Fish
Gender: Female
Age: 7 years 7 months

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u and your roomies r invited to me and banshees wedding the 22nd at 2pm eastern i hope yous can come its on cuteness in the dog park
Sep 15, 2012
stoping by to pay my respects for my friend rip
Jan 14, 2012
ok your pics ready im uploadeding it now :)
Dec 14, 2011
im sorry i just saw your status rip ill let u know when i got your pic ready
Dec 14, 2011
ok cool sound good my friend ill let u know when there done :)
Dec 13, 2011
ok i would be happy 2 but u can still ask pix pick ups so u can have a couple differnt pics to chosse from there the best all make on for u and all your roomies sometime friday ill let u know when u can pic the up my friend
Dec 13, 2011
your very welcome we make pics 2 for r friends if yous would like aswell but there much more talented them we r
Dec 13, 2011
your welcome anf thank u aswell pix pick ups on here made it for me they would make u and your roomies pics 2 if u go to there page and ask :)
Dec 13, 2011
cute +1 from me and my roomies
Dec 13, 2011
Hello, Will you be my friend? I am a sick fish and I thought you might be able to help my new mom make me better.
Dec 11, 2011