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Countess Olivia  (Livvy)
Scottish Terrier

Livvy is a Brindle Scottish Terrier. She is our little, sassy, opinionated, talkative baby of the family. She barks to get people to come and pet her. She is a momma'so girl and gets jealous when her people greet and pet dogs outside her household family. She is very protective of her pack and likes to think she is Alpha.

short hair tortoiseshell

Black coat with yellow markings, like a tortoiseshell. Her eyes are green, undercoat is yellow. One side of her chin is yellow, the other black. She likes to suntan a lot, and is very sweet. And she's a mixed breed.


Handsome looking deer headed chihuahua

Labrador Retriever

The sweetest chocolate chunk there ever was!

Betta Fish

He lived long for a betta, let alone a fish. He loved looking at the angel in his tank.

Bichon Frise

On March 24, 2014 Joy lost her life due to complications delivering a litter of six puppies! Only one survivor...her name is Hope. Check out her page.

Joy was an integral part of the cuteness family almost since its inception in 2009. What a fun ride it was for her and all who got to know her, through this site. Her story begins below...told in her words...and her memory will live on thru the hearts and lives of the pets and their owners who Joy and I came to know as great friends. Her legacy will live on thru Hope and if she is anything like her mama and her surrogate daddy Boo-Boo, she will help to ROCK out some fun times with her cuteness friends and family. Joy had a special place in the hearts of many and I am sure that she would want you to allow Hope to fill her shoes, her hats and your lives with a little bit of JOY and and lot of HOPE! Thanks my friends, for all your love and support! Barb

I'm the ONLY girl in a litter of six...which means I have 5...let me REPEAT...5 brothers! Thankfully they ALL have moved out to their great forever homes. Well, actually, I do miss those crazy guys...but on the other hand I'm beginning to enjoy my FREEDOM! That means more time for being SPOILED! What can I is grand! I'm playing, exploring and learning lots. says I'm a diva in the making...but a tomboy at heart!!!

Oh yeah...FYI: Full grown,I weigh 7.2 pounds. In one of my pictures I am with my mom, Glory. My rott friend is Grace...she lives at our house.

ALSO PICTURED are some of my friends with SPECIAL needs....My human mom takes care of some of them here at home ...others she teaches in a special needs class at church. Wow! they really are SPECIAL and they bring us lots of JOY! ....thanks to ALL my Family friends and CAH pets and peeps who helped win a Wii for these AWESOME kids....YOU"RE the best!!!

ALSO on this site are:
NUDGE my brother from another litter.TUG is my littermate brother.
SNOWBALL is my human's great-grand-pig!!!
PICKLES is my human's grand-dog
MOUSE & SANDY are my human's grand-cats
DOC is my human's grand bunny!
BANDIT belongs to of the kid's mom watches iguana friend came to visit on Sept 5, 2009..she is TOTALLY COOL!!!
Her pix are at the bottom of my page.

ROCKERS...a virtual band with a cause supporting pets and peeps with a need...check out our pages.

Need support or prayer...check out the HOPE page or PRAYER PAGE!

Please remember to pray for and support our troops! Mom's grandson Nick and his wife Heather are in the AF and we are ALL so proud of them...GO NICK & HEATHER!!!

I want to say thanks to all my critter friends and their humans for giving me so many cuteness points...I'm having so much fun checking out all the cute faces and reading some incredible stories! Lots and lots of licks and kisses! Joy :) xoxox

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Nellie was a rescued dog when she was a few months old. She is still quite timid about some things, but has largely overcome her problems with love and training. She loves to play and she is an absolute Chow Hound!! She LOVES toys and has 2 crates full and the entire back of the sofa covered wit them. She chooses a different one each time she plays. Her favorites are Cows, Horses, and Chickens. We call Her Farmer Nellie (E I E I O).

Nellie and her adopted sister Sadie sometimes share the same dish to eat from. When they play together they carry their toys together, one at each end. Their favorite place to go is into the creek. Nellie has to Herd Sadie back to the pack when Sadie decides to chase Chipmunks!

Jack Russell Terrier

I was a Pound Puppy. My Mom rescued me during a time when she was singing at a tent revival in Ohio. I stayed in the camper with her and then came back to Pa. to my home. I have a mind of my own, and I listen real well to instructions WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT :-) I like to chase chipmunks and I love MEAT MEAT MEAT!!!

koochi koo^..^
British Shorthair

hi furry friends , id like to tell you a bit about myself ...
my names ralphann koochi koo and I'm a pedigree cream British shorthair cat. i was born with a leg problem called luxating patellas ( knee caps out of place) in both legs , which gave me a "gangster walk"!!! i have already had an operation on my left leg to correct this patella was permanently out of the socket . it wasn't nice for an 8 month old kitten, (the worst the specialist had seen in a cat/kitten) . i had to have 6 weeks strict cage rest. and now have pins and wire in my leg holding my patella in place .i didn't like it at all but its now healed well. not sure yet if i have to have the other one done as its not as bad,and it just pops out of place then pops back in but it may need doing later in life. my back legs are also bent and might need straightening at some point this is common in dogs expecially yorkshire terriers ! .although my conditions haven't slowed me down, i will have to be careful for the rest of my life.and ill almost certainly get arthritis in my joints but mummy says its why I'm such a special boy x
koochi kisses xxxxx
please check out my roomies too, they are shy xx and i love them very much (although i dont often admit it !)

i like ......
beating up minnie, lily, mummy,daddy, mummy, mummy, mummy
climbing curtains and ripping leather sofas
swatting the chinchillas
hounding the hedgehog
making myself irresistible to strokes then.... attack !! , nom nom !!
eating , sleeping, eating, sleeping eating, eating
beating up mummy
playing....with anything/anyone
opening cupboards / refridgerator to help myself to food !
beating up mummy !!!!!
doing smelly poo s !!

i dislike...
getting told off (this happens alot !!)
diets .... urrrggghhh !
vets !! i hate vets !!
getting brushed ..., im ok with being hairy so leave me alone !!
not getting enough attention , its me me me 24 hours a day or im not happy !!
the birds in MY garden , and the fact i CANT get em !!!

pet of the day whoop whoop , oh yeah
25 september 2009 (my first birthday)
7th december 2010

i entered the hall of fame (was one of the FIRST)
march 2010

i won the ALL STARS thunderdome in winter 2010 , the FIRST and only non american to win, yes WIN .......EVER !!

i did an interview , the FIRST for cuteness ! im famous now !! see how awesome i am at teehee ! xx kookie kisses xxxxx

i am one of a kind , they broke the mould when they made me !!!


Cloud was a very happy rat. Loved to play in my blankets. He and his buddies El Blanco and Patches both died at good ages. I hope you enjoy your little fluffy cloud in the sky Cloud.

Cloud Passed away on March 21, 2016 His cage mate Twister even gave him a hug goodbye,

Sugar Boogar
Basset Hound

Sugar Boogar came to us in 2005. She found us at the local Wal Mart, covered in mud and very skinny. Even with the hunger and mud she found the will to offer her belly for a good rub! She is the kindest dog I have ever known. Even in her older age, she still can get quite perky from time to time and give her partner in crime, Bo-Bo a good run for his money!

Basset Hound

Bo-Bo as he prefers, is a very small Bassett for his breed. He was the runt of his litter but CHOSE us as his owners! He waddled over to his "MOMMY" and crawled up into her lap! He is boisterous and proud! He is very shy of strangers, but extremely affectionate once he befriends you! He enjoys playing with toy spinning tops, and running aimlessly when outdoors!

El Blanco

El Blanco was my favorite rat. He was the most trusted of all of the rats I owned up to his death. I could leave him out of the cage for hours at end and not worry about him chewing on things, running away or getting into any mischief. In December 2015, he was sick. He was not eating anything. He was drinking though. Eventually he was eating again, but he was super skinny. I was hoping he would make it to the new year, which he did.

Sadly on January 10, 2016, he passed away in his sleep. It was a sad moment for me. I will never find another rat like him.