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Every single day, the folks and pets who built this site hand pick an awesome new anipal to be Pet of the Day! It's a special honor reserved for a select 365 pets a year. If you're chosen as Pet of the Day, you'll be featured on this page, your pet's profile page will be timestamped with the day you were selected, and you'll be posted on our Facebook page where you'll receive oodles of awesome likes, comments, and virtual belly rubs. Who doesn't want that?

Standard Poodle

Crazy, playful scared of her own shadow Basenji/Lab mix

Miniature Poodle

Precious baby full of energy.


A very cute blue parakeet that loves to sing .


Helena is a rescue cat.
She was found abandoned outside one night, found in a tree. The only way to get her down was to shine a flash light from one branch to another, so she could jump down.
She needed a home. I offered a place for her. Ever since then, I have been her owner. According to my boyfriend, she is a one person cat. She won't go to any other people that easily.

She is known as a Tabico cat, because she has multiple colors in her fur. Its a bit hard to tell in pictures, but up close you an see five shades of colors. Doctors have called her a Tabby Calico Mix and when I looked it up, it was Tabico.

Helena loves to spend her time sleeping, chasing her favorite balls around the house and watching the rats while they play. She has never tried eating them, maybe bat at them a few times. Otherwise they are good friends.

French Bulldog

My name is Bozo I am a French Bulldog and I am currently 5 years old. My hobbies include catch, eating, and snooping around my owners room. My favorite treats are Greenies. I love playing catch but the thing is I will never return the ball. I also do a lot of facial expressions my owners favorite one is when I tilt my and show my teeth. I am not a ruff dog in fact I love playing with young babies.


Kira is a crilio horse

Golden Retriever

Hello my name is Piccolo Paws the III. Piccolo stands for small in Italian, even though I quite huge for my age. I am a Golden Retriever, and right now I am 2 years old. What I like to do is swim, roll on the floor, adventure outside the house, and chase people. My favorite food would be bread, milk, and dog bone treats. I would go crazy over those food. What I don't like are sticks, being inactive, and I hate small dogs, and cats. I know how to sit, roll over, shake, and lay down. My physical features that I am really fat, I have light golden fur, and I have a white mark on my forehead.

Shih Tzu

Hi my name is Sam and I am twelve. I have a dog named Lucy. She is two years old. She is white with spots of brown and black, but she is mostly white. She has fluffy hair and floppy ears. She eats a lot of dog food and is really chubby. She loves car rides and bringing me to school. Lucy can't jump on couches, but loves sleeping on them. She likes to cuddle next to me or in between pillows. She loves the beach and the air; there are days she sits out in our balcony to be under the sun. She friendly and loves people, but sometimes she can get grumpy. She loves being rubbed on her tummy and behind her ears. She doesn't like to be along so she she sleeps in my room every night. Lucy is not so fond of toys anymore, but there are some fluffy toys that she loves to play with. She loves to play with people when she is wide awake.


Jake's an old cat who loves nothing more than to meow constantly and spend much of his time with people. He's very affectionate and very tolerant of other people and animals.


Molly is a Beagle Basset Hound mix and is very playful around kids and teenagers(kids 3 and up). Molly has been my dog for a year, i suppose, and has had a mini fights with our 7 yr old cat, Steve. Molly is 1 and has pretty much learned ever thing she needs to know about the world and how she fits in it.

American Pit Bull Terrier

A sweet pitty who has HUGE amber eyes and a great deal of energy. But, he loves to chew on everything and anything! He also has the most soft and adorable floppy ears!!


Apricot is a feisty cinnamon green cheeked conure. She shares a house with three humans, two cats and a poodle. Her favorite toys include: tissues, string, cardboard and Chinese finger traps. Apricot's favorite foods are: dried apricots, raisins and kiwi.