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Props to these pets who've scored the most Cuteness Points from their anipals! Your cutie not on the list? Time to get busy making new fur-iends at the Pet Park!

Bichon Frise

On March 24, 2014 Joy lost her life due to complications delivering a litter of six puppies! Only one survivor...her name is Hope. Check out her page.

Joy was an integral part of the cuteness family almost since its inception in 2009. What a fun ride it was for her and all who got to know her, through this site. Her story begins below...told in her words...and her memory will live on thru the hearts and lives of the pets and their owners who Joy and I came to know as great friends. Her legacy will live on thru Hope and if she is anything like her mama and her surrogate daddy Boo-Boo, she will help to ROCK out some fun times with her cuteness friends and family. Joy had a special place in the hearts of many and I am sure that she would want you to allow Hope to fill her shoes, her hats and your lives with a little bit of JOY and and lot of HOPE! Thanks my friends, for all your love and support! Barb

I'm the ONLY girl in a litter of six...which means I have 5...let me REPEAT...5 brothers! Thankfully they ALL have moved out to their great forever homes. Well, actually, I do miss those crazy guys...but on the other hand I'm beginning to enjoy my FREEDOM! That means more time for being SPOILED! What can I is grand! I'm playing, exploring and learning lots. says I'm a diva in the making...but a tomboy at heart!!!

Oh yeah...FYI: Full grown,I weigh 7.2 pounds. In one of my pictures I am with my mom, Glory. My rott friend is Grace...she lives at our house.

ALSO PICTURED are some of my friends with SPECIAL needs....My human mom takes care of some of them here at home ...others she teaches in a special needs class at church. Wow! they really are SPECIAL and they bring us lots of JOY! ....thanks to ALL my Family friends and CAH pets and peeps who helped win a Wii for these AWESOME kids....YOU"RE the best!!!

ALSO on this site are:
NUDGE my brother from another litter.TUG is my littermate brother.
SNOWBALL is my human's great-grand-pig!!!
PICKLES is my human's grand-dog
MOUSE & SANDY are my human's grand-cats
DOC is my human's grand bunny!
BANDIT belongs to of the kid's mom watches iguana friend came to visit on Sept 5, 2009..she is TOTALLY COOL!!!
Her pix are at the bottom of my page.

ROCKERS...a virtual band with a cause supporting pets and peeps with a need...check out our pages.

Need support or prayer...check out the HOPE page or PRAYER PAGE!

Please remember to pray for and support our troops! Mom's grandson Nick and his wife Heather are in the AF and we are ALL so proud of them...GO NICK & HEATHER!!!

I want to say thanks to all my critter friends and their humans for giving me so many cuteness points...I'm having so much fun checking out all the cute faces and reading some incredible stories! Lots and lots of licks and kisses! Joy :) xoxox

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Nellie was a rescued dog when she was a few months old. She is still quite timid about some things, but has largely overcome her problems with love and training. She loves to play and she is an absolute Chow Hound!! She LOVES toys and has 2 crates full and the entire back of the sofa covered wit them. She chooses a different one each time she plays. Her favorites are Cows, Horses, and Chickens. We call Her Farmer Nellie (E I E I O).

Nellie and her adopted sister Sadie sometimes share the same dish to eat from. When they play together they carry their toys together, one at each end. Their favorite place to go is into the creek. Nellie has to Herd Sadie back to the pack when Sadie decides to chase Chipmunks!

Jack Russell Terrier

I was a Pound Puppy. My Mom rescued me during a time when she was singing at a tent revival in Ohio. I stayed in the camper with her and then came back to Pa. to my home. I have a mind of my own, and I listen real well to instructions WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT :-) I like to chase chipmunks and I love MEAT MEAT MEAT!!!

koochi koo^..^
British Shorthair

hi furry friends , id like to tell you a bit about myself ...
my names ralphann koochi koo and I'm a pedigree cream British shorthair cat. i was born with a leg problem called luxating patellas ( knee caps out of place) in both legs , which gave me a "gangster walk"!!! i have already had an operation on my left leg to correct this patella was permanently out of the socket . it wasn't nice for an 8 month old kitten, (the worst the specialist had seen in a cat/kitten) . i had to have 6 weeks strict cage rest. and now have pins and wire in my leg holding my patella in place .i didn't like it at all but its now healed well. not sure yet if i have to have the other one done as its not as bad,and it just pops out of place then pops back in but it may need doing later in life. my back legs are also bent and might need straightening at some point this is common in dogs expecially yorkshire terriers ! .although my conditions haven't slowed me down, i will have to be careful for the rest of my life.and ill almost certainly get arthritis in my joints but mummy says its why I'm such a special boy x
koochi kisses xxxxx
please check out my roomies too, they are shy xx and i love them very much (although i dont often admit it !)

i like ......
beating up minnie, lily, mummy,daddy, mummy, mummy, mummy
climbing curtains and ripping leather sofas
swatting the chinchillas
hounding the hedgehog
making myself irresistible to strokes then.... attack !! , nom nom !!
eating , sleeping, eating, sleeping eating, eating
beating up mummy
playing....with anything/anyone
opening cupboards / refridgerator to help myself to food !
beating up mummy !!!!!
doing smelly poo s !!

i dislike...
getting told off (this happens alot !!)
diets .... urrrggghhh !
vets !! i hate vets !!
getting brushed ..., im ok with being hairy so leave me alone !!
not getting enough attention , its me me me 24 hours a day or im not happy !!
the birds in MY garden , and the fact i CANT get em !!!

pet of the day whoop whoop , oh yeah
25 september 2009 (my first birthday)
7th december 2010

i entered the hall of fame (was one of the FIRST)
march 2010

i won the ALL STARS thunderdome in winter 2010 , the FIRST and only non american to win, yes WIN .......EVER !!

i did an interview , the FIRST for cuteness ! im famous now !! see how awesome i am at teehee ! xx kookie kisses xxxxx

i am one of a kind , they broke the mould when they made me !!!

Miniature Schnauzer

Hi friends,I want to tell everyone my life story, Well it go's like this !
Once upon a time I when I was very little tyke, I lived in a little house with a glass door, this little house was inside a big room, well I was not alone, I lived there with my 2 bothers and 1 sister.
Everyday humans would come in look at us though the glass window and smile and say awww ! aren't they cute, well we all would say pick me! pick me.! Well one day a lady human and man human came in and I could hear them saying awww! aren't they cute, while they were there looking at us I decided to pick up a little poop and put in my mouth, I could hear the lady human say ewww!, put that down,Then they left ,two week had passed and one by one my bothers and sister were gone and I was all alone, I just wanted to cry.Then one day the lady human that saw me eat some poop came in and looked at me and smiled,I played with her by jumping at the window and thought maybe if I looked cute she would like me,she played with me for a few minutes and then she was gone.Well then someone bought me into this little room and the lady human was there,we played for a few minutes and then she was gone again I just wanted to cry again, because I didn't think she loved me, an hour had gone by and then the lady human came back this time with her man human, they looked again at me and left,someone had come and took me out of my little house and brought me to the lady human,and she hugged and kissed me,They signed my adoption papers and I just snuggled under her neck the whole time, I found my new mommy and I love her and I know she loves me to.Now that is not the end of my story . I lived happily ever after in my new home where I have lots of toys and love.and now I have so many new friends on cuteness and I love them all and I get to have fun and be silly with them.
My mom told me later that she had just lost her little Punky and she still was very sad and missed her so much that's why it took her a little while to take me home,and she told me she had room in her heart to love me to,and I love my mom very much.
MY mom has pics 48 thru 56 of her angels Punky and her brother Brewster,Max,Puppy Ben and sister Sissy who are in Rainbow Fields she will always miss them but she keeps them in her heart and knows that they are with us on Cuteness everyday,and she blows kisses to them every night. xxoo
The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Gandhi

Labrador Retriever

Hi, my name is Ciara (pronounced Keera, which is Gaelic for "dark one"). I was born in a Kennel/Foster home with my siblings. My birth mommy was rescued by nice people from the Pet Rescue of Mercer in Hamilton, NJ, while she was pregnant with us. I was adopted by my human mommy when I was two months old. She brought my doggie sister, Maggie, to help pick me out. When I got to my new home, Maggie was so kind to me and let me sleep with her in HER bed. She cuddled me and made me feel safe, cause I was really scared not knowing where I was. It didn't take long for me to feel loved and safe. Now Maggie is trying to teach me how to be a good girl (I can be a little devil sometimes). I love running around the house with socks and shoes and taking stuff off the dining room and kitchen tables. Maggie says that's a "no-no". But I do a lot of good things too, like sit and stay, and give paw. I love to run in the park and jump in the pond. That's a lot of fun. I take long walks with my mommy too, and I love playing with my sister and all my friends. Life is great!!!!!!!!!


Hi All my name is Lola Mae. I love life! I live with Andy he is a cockapoo but I don't think he likes me much...IMAGINE THAT! He only likes mom. I also live with 3 cats. Conan is my orange cat he is my bestest buddy. My favorite things to do is walks love love love walks I get to meet other animals in my neighborhood and people too. Its so much fun. My favorite time to walk is in the rain! My family gets wet and I get to run through PUDDLES so much fun! My turn ons: eating bugs, walks, mud! who doesn't love mud! running through puddles, terrorizing my cats, finding sticks to carry, and playing with anyone that will play with me. My turn offs are: hmmmmm? getting my nails cut HATE THAT! Thats about it! Life is good and I am loving every minute of it! I have my people right where I want them My mom dad and brother Mike he is a human they spoil me! All's I have to do is woooooooo-woooooo-woooooo and I get whatever want.....( thats whining) I hope to meet lots of new friends on here this is so much fun!


Snoop was a birthday gift. Love at first sight. His antics will entertain you for hours. If theres any place or thing thats off limits, it becomes more intriging to snoop. Busy,busy, busy. As you can see I love getting my picture taken. I love making friends to. Sometimes I need a little me time and so I hide from everybody. Like once my mom couldn't find me for hours. She called but I didn't answer. Everybody searched the house jingling bells but I still didn't answer. So my mom took one of those little dinner bells that I love so much and just can't resist and went outside walking up and down the block ringing and calling, Snoop , Snoop. After about an hour she came in and just sat there all sad. Then they searched the house again. After 3 hours I woke up and they heard the bell on my collar ringing, just to find I was in the house all along, neatly tucked away in one of those really tall vases that sat on a stand. Needless to say mom was relieved I was safe and sound. Boy I didn't mean to scare her so. I know she really really loves me. I'm glad I have a loving home where people care. Although she must have looked really silly ringing that bell up and down the street. Well I got Snoop a roomie....her name is Passion...named for a Siamese I had many years ago. We went to the SPCA checking to see if they got any ferrets in and I looked inside a cage and fell madly in love with a beautiful Siamese mix, when we came home I intorduced her to Snoop and they hit it off well, giving eachother the once over then a nose snuggle. Whew! Glad that worked out.....Pics to come soon. When you meet she'll melt your hearts as she does mine.

Fantail goldfish

I am now approximately 4 years old. My girlfriend, Olivia Jane share a tank, and Mom is seriously considering buying a larger one. If you look at my pics, you will see that my tail is now much longer than my body, and in beautiful condition. Nothing like being egotistical, huh?

Wheaten Terrier

Wrooooof! I was rescued from Noah's Bark Rescue. I'm originally from South Central L.A. where I was found in a box in a parking lot with my littermates. Straight outta Compton! My humans say I'm an adorable little pup who enjoyed ignoring all potty training attempts for literally 1 whole year. Oh, my record is 7 poops in one day! Can anyone beat that?!

P.S. I'm also the puppy sheriff of so if you have any questions, I'm your dude!

Labrador Retriever

Chomper disappeared from our yard on 10-13-09. We have searched everywhere and miss him dearly. Our hope is that someone has taken him in without realizing he was missing from his home. We would still love to see his wagging tail and smiling face run up our driveway, but realize the chances are slim. Thank you all so much for your concern, comments, and prayers. It really means a lot to us.

Our house was just too quiet without our puppy, so we have added a new addition to the family. Go check out Riley's page to see our new baby. We really wish he could have met his big brother Chomper. We're sure they would have had lots of fun together.

My name is Chomper. I was named after the baby T-Rex in Land Before Time. Little did they know what a perfect name it would be for me. My favorite thing to do is chomp on EVERYTHING! Hands, feet, slippers, computer cords, couch cushions, carpet... if I'm not supposed to chew it, you can bet I like to. It's a darn good thing I'm cute and my mom loves me anyway.

You can follow me on Twitter:
Watch my crazy videos:

Go show some love to my brother Boomer, my uncles Chaz and Sebastian and my kitty cousin Callie, and my new baby brother Riley!

Domestic Shorthair

Hiya, I'm Stretch, a.k.a. Stretcho, Detcho, Stretchy. I'm originally from the mean streets of Philadelphia, PA - the home of Tasty Cakes and Yuengling - and was adopted from the Philly pound. I'm the alpha pet of my household, keeping my kitty bro, Squeeze, and my doggy bro, Sully, in line. I've lived in 10 different apartments but always feel right at home provided I can sit on my Daddy's lap and stare at him dreamily.

Not too long ago, my thyroid was acting up. I had to get this special treatment called radioactive iodine therapy. I was radioactive for 5 days and had to stay away from my family, but it was totally worth it as I feel great now. I gained back most of the weight I lost while sick and feel like a new cat! I think I may even have some super powers now, hehe! Check out my cool x-ray pic.

Exotic Shorthair

~Commodore Chumley enjoys: belly rubs, arm pit scratches, hanging out in shoe boxes, taking naps, eating Boar's Head turkey slices, organic plums, & BUMBLE BEE Prime Fillet Solid White Albacore canned tuna, chasing insects, playing with cardboard boxes, paper bags, & batting at shiny things. He also likes being cradled like a baby, licking people, himself, and various found objects, showing humans how fast he is, & lastly hanging his backside out of the kitty litter box and pissing all over the floor (& then laughing at his owners). Oh, and Q-tips, Chumley loves Q-tips.

~Commodore Chumley dislikes: the outdoors, loud noises, being alone, not getting fed on time, the vacuum cleaner, getting his eye boogers wiped, the crazy lady next door, & bath time :( .

Aliases: Chumley Bear, Cuddle Bear, Chums, Chimley, Chumster, Poo-Bear, Stink-Pod, Jelly Bean, The Friendly Cat of Love, & P-Paws...
Also, if you want to know what i am doing minute-by-minute, you can follow me on Twitter:

Maine Coon

Squeezeaction here. I was rescued from Katie's Pet Depot when me and my litter mates were dropped off in a laundry hamper with no homes to go to. My humans discovered I had a hernia a few days after I came home with them so they got me all fixed up and, after some days of bed rest and walking around with a huge cone on my head, I was all healthy. I have gigantic paws, a little kink in my tail, crazy armpit fur, and my mom tells me I'm the sweetest, friendliest, cuddliest kitty you'll ever meet.

Testing testing testing


I got Tazbo from my Best Friend Eddie In Front Royal Va. in early 2008 with her brother Coal after I lost my two Siamese Babys due to health and old age issues. Tazbo has turned out to be the runt in the house. But don't tell her that. She's a scrapper and takes No Bull from my other two cats. She's a real sweetheart. She grunts when she runs and jumps. This little girl will truely be FOREVER A KITTEN..
As time has gone by she has become much more her self with a personality that is so sweet. She always has this squeeky little Meow for me after I talk to her. Loves ice cream and gets mad if I don't give her any.. Loves to watch the curser on the computer screen,, She always meets me on the back of the love seat when I walk in the door,,anytime. She stays very much out of the way when the 2 big ones go after each other.. She can't tell if they are fighting or playing. I wonder sometimes myself...Favorite Hang-Out,, Aunt Sue's Antique Bread Box on my work bench with halogen light on HOT
I'm So glad she came into my house.Thanks Eddie!!

On July 22 2009 she still is a little sweetheart. I would not trade her Erin or Coal for anything in this world,,,, Steve
I love my Babys

Great Pyrenees

Big fan of kitty kats, ice cubes and hikes. My wooly coat makes me seem bigger than I am. Don't ask me if big dogs have big poops. :)

For more on my adventures follow me on:


Hello, my name is Maggie. I am an elderly lady, but very young at heart. I have a sister, Ciara, who is very young and needs a lot of guidance. She is always getting into trouble and although I try to cover up and take the blame, our mom knows the truth. We don't know anything about my background because my mom found me when I was just a pup (3 to 5 months old) under a MAC/ATM machine. She tells me it was raining really hard and that I was all curled up in a ball, shaking. I looked up at her with these really big eyes (which I still have) that showed how scared I was. It took her some time to gain my confidence, but she didn't give up, and I sniffed her and moved close to her. She took me to her car, dryed me off and wrapped me in a blanket. Mom brought me home, and introduced me to my (dearly departed - last photo) sister/best friend, Molly, who mom said was her "ANGEL". Molly took me under her wing and patiently taught me all the right things, just like I'm trying REALLY, REALLY hard to teach Ciara. I have been with mom for a long time and have a great life and a lot of love. Mom calls me "Princess" Maggie (because I went from rags to riches). I could not have been any luckier.


Foxy is soft and fuzzy, like a cat. She was a puppy, just about two months old, who lived near the trash dumpster looking for food. Felipe's daughter rescued her, even though a woman who lived nearby said that she was "hers". I adopted her, and now she and Lucas are very good friends. She's very short and long, but is the boss of Lucas, who is much bigger. Foxy looks like she's wearing too much eyeliner, but it's all natural!

Foxy says, "I know I'm getting some gray hairs around my nose, but I'm still a Foxy lady! I can still run around and keep up with Lucas, but sometimes it takes me a long time to chew those big rawhide bones, so mom gives me smaller treats that are easier to eat. I've got a good life here, and I'm so glad I'm not a street dog anymore. I hope you will be my friend and give me a vote. Check out Lucas, too, he's a sweet flirt! Unfortunately, neither of us is eligible for the Thunderdome because we aren’t U.S. residents, but we love to meet new pets and have fun here.”

Summer 2009 some pet owners on this site tried to start a rumor that the pets in red hats are gangsters. In case you don't know, the red caps are part of the uniform for Team Zissou, from the movie “The Life Aquatic.” They are not gang members -- CAH posted a collage of Team Zissou members on Facebook in mid July. I hope this clears up any doubts and stops the derogatory and/or racist comments about Foxy or any other pet in a red cap.

SUMMER 2010 - Have you noticed that all Thunderdome winners have been either cats or cute little dogs ? Due to popular demand, I'm proud to annouce THE HUNKETTE CLUB -- a chance to acknowledge the big hotties! Please feel free to nominate yourself or other HUNKETTES you know (large females only -- males should join the HUNKS CLUB on Lucas's page.) P.S. Note-I'm too tiny to be a hunkette, but I am a foxy lady and am happy to organize this for my big girlfriends.
1. Nellie Lee
2. Sadie Mae
3. Ciara
4. Maggie
5. Katie
6. Kohaku
8. Poohie
9. Brindle
10. Fable
11. Anook - RIP
12. Gracie
13. Lila
14. Nani
15. Mia
16. Misha
17. Leia
18. Diamond
19. Trinity
20. Delilah
21. Joycey Lynn
22. Cinder
23. Daphne
24. Lola Mae
25. Sahara
26. Snowy

Labrador Retriever

I enjoy a good nap after dining. I also like to play with my sister as long as we have the exact same toys.


Breezy is a tiny little Tortie girl (about 6 lbs) with bluish eyes and medium long fur. I am adopting her from a rescue in Wingdale, New York (She was rescued from a shelter in SC). She will be transported out here to me in Montana in about 3 weeks or so via the URRKN. They told me she is about 2 years old and very sweet. This sweetie was in a high kill shelter and needed out ASAP. I am very lucky to have found her and get a rescue to pull her just in time. She is very shy and was scared in that noisy, very crowded shelter. Her foster mom tells me that Breezy is much more relaxed now and very affectionate. I know she is safe and in good hands. I'll be so happy once she is out here and I can meet her (She is a real SC Southern Bell) in person. We must now wait for the Underground Rescue Railroad to process the paperwork and arrange her travel route and so forth. I have several other kitties and she will have playmates here (Tuffy, Blackberry, Satin, Tabu, Shadow, Calie, Midnight, and Puff). She will have her very own dishes, bed, toys, scratching post, and litter box. I have always loved Tortie cats and she will be my very first Tortie Kitty. Oh my, looks like Breezy and I will have to wait until May 11th before she can start her journey home as her trip from NY to Montana had to be rescheduled. The URRKN uses all volunteers so they are doing the best they can. Breezy and I will be so happy when she is finally home. UPDATE: Breezy arrived here on April 23, 2013. They flew her from New York to her forever home in Montana. Her foster mom brought Breezy to me in person. I was so happy to meet her foster mom who had taken such good care of my little Breezy. It is now June 4th and Breezy has adjusted very well to her new home and roomies. She is a very active, happy little sweetheart and I love her very much. She will always be my little Southern Belle from SC.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

In my newest picture, my friend Maggie is trying to teach me to shake hands. I think I'm getting the hang of it
As soon as my lesson is over I'm going to play with my toys

Cassie Grrl
Miniature Schnauzer

Ms. Cassie Scott, award-winning designer for "The Rockers" has officicially retired and is enjoying spending her new-found free time napping in the sun and schnuggling with Mom.
Did you know that I'm a Fashion Designer? It's true! My clientele is almost exclusively rock stars. I design costumes for "The Rockers"

THE ROCKERS are a bunch of pets that perform virtual concerts together. We are pets with a cause and our purpose is to support any pets or peeps in need.

We've had a LOT of new, talented pets join The Rockers, which is a very exciting thing! We love the energy that all these new Rockers bring to the band, it revitalizes those of us who have been doing this for some time now. I love all my Rocker friends, old and new the song goes, "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver, the other gold."

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Cassie's costume DONE List for The Rockers ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
BANSHEE..... roadie/stagehand
BRINDLE... flute
TRISTAN..... personal trainer
MISTLETOE..... back –up vocals/back-up dancer
PETIE..... security
HENRY WADSWORTH...vocals...lead/back-up
KOOCHI KOO..... drums
RILEY BAXTER..... roadie/stagehand
LITTLE JOE..... accordion
LUKE..... saxophone
CHELLVIS..... cello/vocals/dancer
AMBROSE..... back-up vocals
BEAR..... stagehand/roadie
GENO..... stagehand/roadie
MICKEY.... Back up Singer
KUKLA.....Back up Vocals, Back up Dancer
ROSCO TANNER....Guitar/under-cover security
DAISY MAE... Girl Friday
STELLA LUNA.... back-up vocals/back-up dancer
JACK................. security
ROMEO ............Sound Technician
SHAKA..............Talking Drum
MR. ED.............Bassoon

*Mom turned off the "auto approve comments" feature, so she can be sure to protect the privacy of your email address. She promises not to post any messages that contain an email address in them.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE 01/06/10:I'm doing a happy dance today! No more vet visits, no meds, as long as there are no more seizures! Lab Results: GREAT! (slightly elevated levels for possible cushings (sp?) disease, but I'm barely symptomatic for that... no treatment or even further testing indicated!) THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS FOR YOUR SUPPORT and YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!


I share my mom with my best friend and protector, Kohaku, a 90 pound labradoodle, who protects me from Lola, who always whaps me on the head when something goes wrong in the house... a loud noise, a thunderstorm, or sometimes just because.

I was a birthday present for my kiddo, but *I* chose MOM to bond with. Maybe because in spite of all the promises to walk me, feed me, brush me, etc. MOM ended up being the one to do all that stuff. I wonder if that happens in other familes? ;-p

Mom and Dad call me their "wooo wooooooooo" girl. I "woo wooooooooooo" when I'm happy. I "wooo woooooooooooo" when I'm sad. I "woo wooooooooooo" when I want a treat. I "woo wooooooooooo" when I'm having a bad dream or I wake up and find myself all alone in the living room. I "woo wooooooooooo" when I've had a seizure and I'm confused. but I do the "circle dance" when I have to go outside to potty.

♥ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ★ ☆ ⋆ ✩ ✮ ✯ ✰ ❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆ ♥ ☮ ✌ ☯

Bichon Frise

My name is Cassie. AKA: Seal pup; Cassie girl; Tiny; Little Girl; Cassie poo; and Poopy.
I never really grew up on the inside or the outside, because I still act and look like a puppy at 7 years old! I like to sleep on the back side of the couch and lick people's necks when they sits down. I like to dig into the couch and make a lot of scruffy noises after I have dinner, and I LOVE it when my human gives me bully rubs. I'm really just a doll-faced rascal who knows how cuddle, and is wicked smart!

I was 'hand picked' and adopted my my human when she was a little human and I was just a wee pup! I mean REALLY wee- I was the runt! But trust me, I make up for my size with my alpha dog attitude. My human and I do everything together, and even stay up late on weeknights to take walks around the neighborhood. I wake her up every morning like a loyal little companion would, to make sure she isn't late to school. Except that like in Lady and the Tramp, I don't know anything about Sundays!

I fart, too... Hey! you never know when one gonna slip out! The funniest time when I farted was when my human sis was giving me a back rub, and when she does that, I make this little, "uuurmmph" noise that usually puppies only make. One time I was sitting on the lap of my human, who was rubbing my back, and I said, "UUURMMPH!".... and let out a little toot. She never rubbed my back with my butt facing her again. It stunk, too.

Belgian Shepherd

Boo-Boo's real name is Banjo, Everyone just calls him Booboo, He lives at home with his Mom and Dad, (Pooh and Hobo). He idolizes his daddy, when he catches the frisbee he looks to Hobo to see if his daddy seen it! When he see's his daddy do something he tries his best to do it too.. He has a built in clock too, about 5 minutes before I come home from work, he starts watching for me out the window! He loves to play ball and catch frisbee although he still uses a little one. He trained easy, he's smart, very sweet~ He has an uncle Bud who is old now. Every morning he goes in at breakfast time wakes him up washing his face and ears. Then gets him up to go potty, stays with him in the back yard and just kinda watches over him. Plus he will go and check on him when he's asleep.( We have gotten so many remarks about uncle Bud so we added a couple of pictures of him when he was helping to raise Boo-boo's momma Poohie.) He's such a good dog now and I hope to have many yrs. with him.
He's all heart too, When someone is sick he stays by them, when he plays ball he plays to win! He does not like losing