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animal Breed: american+crocodile

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American Crocodile
Jolly Roger
American Crocodile

Jolly Roger, known as "Rog" to friends and family was discovered living in the sewer system of our local municipality almost twenty years ago now. Upon his release, he has adopted our backyard as his home. He spends his day lazing about our back yard pond and loves to lay in the sun. He's been known to roam the neighborhood at night but always finds his way back the next morning. Although a lot of our neighbors have since disappeared and the local population has dwindled severely, we have an almost zero crime rate and the neighborhood seems much quieter. This has all happened since we were adopted by him and we consider him our " lucky charm ".

He started out as a little fellow but seems to grow in spurts of anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds at a time. Amazingly these spurts seem to coincide with disappearences of our neighbors. He's now very robust and healthy and seems content to fend for himself when it comes to being fed. He is truely a low maintenancs pet.

"Rog" loves to have his belly rubbed when he comes back from his nightly roamings. He rolls over and laughs and giggles when we pat his big, fat belly. He lets out the cutest little burps and amazingly his breath smells at times like either the perfumes or colognes that our lost neighbors used to wear.. We assume he's getting into their old trash but it's such a nice change from the smelly farts and burps that our two dogs ( that sadly disappeared about the same time "Rog" showed up ) used to smell up our house with all the time.

Sometimes he's a little cranky and wants to be left alone, we know these times by when he bears his 134 teeth and chases us around the yard but usually he justs lays about like a big bloated log and likes to be cuddled. After cuddling, he doesn't like for us to leave him, he playfully grabs us and pulls us back like he's trying to hold on to us for some future cuddling or something. Only after repeated attempts at escape and because he's so sedated from his huge meals to chase us do we get away. Roger needs a lot of love and because he's so damn cute we just can't refuse him.