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animal Breed: bichon+bolognese

Bichon+bolognese is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on

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Bichon Bolognese

Our best friend, a bichon bolognese. The most tolerant doggy --- loves the cats and the rabbits, and most of all, his humans.

Bichon Bolognese

I am a bichon bolognese which is a rare breed in this country. I love all my toys (which are mostly hand-me-downs from my big brother who I never knew), especially my baby ring with the crinkly bits on the outside, and also my white fluffy dog toy. My little baby is a penguin finger puppet which I like to carry around the house with me.

I like socks, stealing bits of paper, and blitzing around the house. I love my big cat sister, but she never wants to play. (She actually gets quite cranky and starts hissing at me when I try too hard to play.)

My Mom likes to spoil me, and gives me bits of tangerine. This is my favorite. I also love my food. When I had my baby teeth, I liked my kibble. It's just hard to eat right now. So Mommy gives me soft food and adds in nice bits of meat when she has left-overs.