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animal Breed: black+balloon+molly

Black+balloon+molly is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on

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Black Balloon Molly

A gold balloon molly is gold but it wouldn't let me put just balloon molly so I put black

Black Balloon Molly

Hi my name is Mr.Blacky. I live with Joycey Lynn,Shemael and two really fast Glofish who seem to be wired on coffee ALL THE TIME. Their names are McSpeedy and Dashing Debra. I was at a fish store with tons of other fish, and then all the sudden I was swooped up in a net and tossed in a clear bag with Shemael. Then two humans put us a car with them, it was a bumpy ride, I was very scared. When we got to our new tank I was very afraid and hid in a corner of the new tank. Then I got use to it and started to like my new home. Sometimes I see a giant black and white dog staring at me, I hear her name is Joycey Lynn. She has a big nose.