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animal Breed: black+mouth+cur

Black+mouth+cur is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on

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Black Mouth Cur

Odin is a 4 month old Black Mouth Cur puppy.

Black Mouth Cur
Black Mouth Cur

Lizzie came from Georgia, where she probably had a rough beginning to her life. Upon taking her to the vet in May because she was limping on her left leg, we found in her x-rays that her back half was full of bird shot, she had a knee injury, and horrible hip dysplasia. The hip injury was most likely due to her breaking her hip when she was young and never having it taken care of. It healed improperly in the socket. Her knee injury was probably due to the stress the hip injury put on her leg. Although she does not need surgery right now, we are taking the advice of the vet to get her as much exercise as possible and she has not been limping lately!

Otherwise, Lizzie is a very sweet girl who loves to give kisses- right on the lips- and snuggle in your bed with you.