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animal Breed: cat+god

Cat+god is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on

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Cat God

The clawless stray who rescued us

Cat God

I'm a bad@$$ cat, homies call me Poox. i like to use my claws when I shouldn't. i squeak & sound like a growly gremlin when I am curious.

Cat God

My mom rescued me off the streets and our bond is unbreakable and some say amazing. I get along with every other cat on the planet and I'm very mean to dogs. No dog will mess with me unless they want to get an eye clawed out or an ear bitten off. I'm very tempermental and can react in a moment's notice. Momma calls me an 'old soul' because I'm not as hyper and cat-like as much as the other cats are.

What momma doesn't know is that I am not a cat, as a matter of fact I'm a god and these humans are only here to serve me. Momma agrees.