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animal Breed: chinchilla

Chinchilla is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on Do you have a Chinchilla? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Sho is an entertaining and crafty Chinchilla that is always up to something sneaky seen or unseen by his family and caretakers.


Black Velvet Chinchilla


I am a 3 1/2 yr old sapphire/beige chinchilla. My hobbies include cage jumping, sharing my dust bath with my family, posing for the camera & begging for RAISINS... I just LOVE raisins

*peaches *

hi im peaches im an ebony chinchilla , im about 6 years old we dont know the exact date , mum thinks its end of February my mum got me as a girlfriend for an unwanted chinchilla she rescued, named misty , we were very very very happy together and had 4 lots of babies, 3 sets of twins and one "loner" ! unfortunately my misty got teeth problems (sadly common in chinchillas ) he found it hard to eat , my mum took him to the vet and the vet said to get his teeth trimmed, which is very hard to do as we have small mouths . this didnt help and he was not happy and still couldnt eat well , we took him again for a second trim , but unfortunatly this didnt help either ,he was unhappy and his fur was all messy because he dribbled , my poor misty looked so sad ! my mum took the decision to stop his hurting and he left me, he is now waiting at rainbow bridge free from pain .i love my mist and cant wait to meet up again . during the time he was ill my mum rescued another chinchilla, a female called kit , she lived separate . when my dear mist passed , mum tried to make us friends ..... it did nt got too well , we hated each other but mum took it slow (real slow !) and gradually we got to "tolerate" each other ,we were never close like i was with misty , but at least we were not both lonely ! we grew friends but she could never replace my mist . a few years on and my friend kit got ill.... she went to the vet and yup ..... it was her teeth !!! not again !!!! i couldnt believe it , my mum got her teeth trimmed and she started eating a little again (we had to soak her food so it was soft) mum went on holiday and thought she was getting better .... but sadly i lost my friend kit, 2 days into my mums holiday : ( . she had enough with life and just went to sleep . mum was very upset when she returned , was i .... i got lonely, really lonely (my mum thinks i was verging on being depressed !)... .. mum has spent lots of time with me and i now feel happier again yipeee !! i just hope im not next , ..........i dont want to get ill like that . i love all my roomies and have fun playing with them all x

in my photos are ,
my friend kit (dark grey in colour)
my boyfriend and the love of my life , misty (light grey)
my babies at various ages (very dark grey and smaller )

22md sept 2012
i met my friends at rainbow bridge :(

Samus and Spaz

These are my two wonderful Chinchilla's Samus (Sammi) and Spazz! They are both standard grey Chins. They love their apple treats, running on their saucer, and playing!

Chi Chi

My name is Chi Chi. I'm a little over a year old. I’m nothing but trouble. I chew on everything. My best friend is a cat named Tanya. When I was bought I was quiet and calm. But after being home for a while I quickly turned into a ball of energy. I can beat anyone up the stairs. I’m crazy about banana chips and dust baths are amazing.