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animal Breed: dilute+tortoiseshell

Dilute+tortoiseshell is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on Do you have a Dilute+tortoiseshell? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Dilute Tortoiseshell

Tessa is a rescue cat who was found on our vet's porch with her mother and 6 brothers and sisters. Tessa won my heart when she poked her paw out of the cage and softly mewed. Tessa likes to talk to us, mostly to tell us she's hungry, and plays well with her sibling dog friends. She is an expert bug catcher and sits patiently by the window watching for bug intruders.

Dilute Tortoiseshell

I had a really bad start in life! My mom was someone's "pet" and got pregnant. And the people decided to sell us. That wasn't so bad, but I was sad to see my brothers and sisters go away. I thought we'd go back home, but we didn't! Those people dumped all of the extra kittens outside! But a nice lady saw us outside and brought us to the kitty rescue ladies. They took us in. I was so scared, I meowed and meowed. But my forever mom looked and me, and picked me up, and I knew I wanted to go home with her. So I did.

I was scared at first and hissed and growled a lot. But my mom was patient and kept me in a "safe" room, where I had food and water and toys and no one bothered me. She came in and talked to me, and gave me treats, and talked some more. One day she brought in a shoelace and I came out and played, and I haven't stopped since! Now I love cuddles and the other kitties, especially my baby brother Sebastian!