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animal Breed: do+not++know+mixed

Do+not++know+mixed is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on Do you have a Do+not++know+mixed? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Do not know mixed

<p>Yeti was found abandoned before his eyes were even opened. He wasn&#039;t much bigger than a hamster when I got him. I bottle fed him until last week and now he is eating on his own. He lives with a rescued raccoon named Rocky, his dog sister Sassy which was just named pet of the day and an african grey parrot named Grey C.</p>

Do not know mixed

Ruca is a beautiful cat, he is very spooled
Love to sleep, love to play

Do not know mixed

In Memory of My TiGGer
Sept.2001 to May 2015

Do not know mixed

He's evil, vile, and naughty. His one desire: to drag as many sweet kitteh soulz to his dark and scary basement that he can... He will corrupt you if you let him, turnnig all sweet kitteh soulz into demon monsters. Beware, Your soulz may be next!

Do not know mixed

Her name is Daisy, shes a very lovely dog.
She loves her blanket .
Shes very spoiled