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animal Breed: english+foxhound

English+foxhound is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on

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Jack S
English Foxhound

I'm cute, fun, and love to play! I sleep a lot but that doesn't define me!! I'm 2 months old and cute as a button

English Foxhound

Kobe is a rescue we adopted over 4th of July weekend of 2011. He is the sweetest dog ever, loves all people and animals, especially children.
He is also very mischievous, always getting into some kind of trouble, loves to steal things, especially my glasses.
We live right by the beach, so that is his favorite place, and we run and walk it at least twice daily.

English Foxhound

My name is Barkley and I am a fox-lovin-hound. I dont chase foxes I kiss 'em. In my house I am in charge of being afraid of things like tennis balls, squeeky toys and my own shadow. I LOVE walking and never get tired. My favorite thing is smells, any smells will do! I used to be stray but now I have a family and a home and I am allowed to lie on the sofa.