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animal Breed: havana

Havana is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on

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My mommy bought me from the Humane Society in Pittsburgh, after I had been there for more than 6 months. I love her for doing that! My mommy bought me a cage, and I was protective at first, and would thump whenever she tried to reach her hand in to get me, but then she bought me this big excersize pen that connected to the cage, and I would let her lay down in it, and i would come out of my cage and play with my mommy! She loves me! I love parsley, carrots, and any treats, and my mommy spoils me, so I don't eat any normal food unless I absolutely have to. My mommy's dad doesn't like me too much, i dont think, because I have chewed holes in his carpet :/. Carpet is fun! Also probably because I have bitten him twice when he's put his hand inside my excercise pen! My mommy got mad at me once because I peed on her twice within 5 minutes, but she forgave me. She also got mad at me when I bit Fireheart on the nose, causing her to bleed, because I was jealous that mommy would have a new baby bunny to pay attention to, instead of me!