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animal Breed: indian+ringneck

Indian+ringneck is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on Do you have a Indian+ringneck? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Indian Ringneck

We got Lexial from a breeder at a bird fair in Medina, Oh. She was such a sweet bird! The breeder put her on my shoulder while I decided on whether to buy her or not. When I'd decided yes we'd take her she didn't want to leave. She held on tight to my shirt. I told her it was going to be alright and that we were going to come back for her. She gave me a kiss on the nose, with out my asking, and let go. it was the sweetest thing i'd ever seen! She's stolen our hearts. She's already trying to talk at only 4 months old and loves to ride around on my shoulder inside and outside the house.

Indian Ringneck

This is one cute parrot