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animal Breed: kerry+blue+terrier

Kerry+blue+terrier is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on Do you have a Kerry+blue+terrier? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Kerry Blue Terrier

Amazing Grace (Gracie) is like my child. She is very stubborn with selective hearing, but she is the sweetest little girl you've seen. She's one the hearts of many and has the ribbons to prove it. She is a retired show dog and won and American Canadian championship. She is now enjoying the retired life of me spoiling her to death. She is very talkative (barks when you talk to her) and loves it when people pet her, as long as you don't hug her and pick her up. She hates baths with a passion and thinks about food 24/7. She is very sneaky about stealing someone's food or going through garbage to find food (even though I feed her twice a day with bits of human food). Kerry Blue Terriers are the national dog of Ireland. The reason they are called Kerry Blue is because their fur is so black it gives off a bluish tint. They are used as farming dogs and for hunting small animals (although Gracie has taken up the hobby of chasing deer). I do not think any dog in the world could replace Gracie. She will forever be my baby.