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animal Breed: oscar

Oscar is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on

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Fancy and Pal

Hi to all our new friends at CAH. We share a home with Shitball and Torque. We usually get along but not always. I am a vale-tail albino and Pal is the original Tiger Oscar. We share our tank with a Pleco that is larger than us. Her name is Booger and it fits her.

Michael Jackso

Michael Jackson got his name because he likes to swim backwards which resembles the moonwalk. He was banished from my brothers fish tank because as a young fish he was eating several of the others. He was headed toward the freezer until I rescued him and decided to start my own fish tank with just him. He started out in a 10 gallon tank until I moved in to my new house and could get a 70 gallon fish tank...just for him. After growing to about 8 inches I decided to get him a new companion..."Goldie" another baby oscar. However, sadly after about a month Goldie passed away...very sad. Michael Jackson loves to eat blood worms and also earth worms. The earthworms were a messy treat though. Michael Jackson is a cool fish that is quite smart.