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animal Breed: pekepoo

Pekepoo is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on Do you have a Pekepoo? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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hi my name is gizmo scottie garcia . im a lap dog and i love my owner and family ....... thay take very good care of me also a very loveable doggie ! <3.......i also have doggie dentures thats makes me look like a old man .... but im still a mommys baby ! < 3


I am the oldest of the family, and generally I stay away from the rest of the dogs because they annoy me. I'm kind of a snob, but I try to keep to myself. I have a very loud snore because of my pushed in nose, and mom sometimes can't sleep at night because of it. hehe. Sorry mom.
I used to be the only dog in the family, and now theres four others. Its hard to share the attention, but I try really hard not to get too mad.


My family rescued me from a bad home. I just got surgery on my hip, because someone kicked me so hard that my hip broke, and was rotting because nothing had been done. :[
I'm very loopy on meds right now, and pretty miserable. But mom says it'll get better soon because the nice doctors fixed my hip. I cant wait to play normally with all the other dogs in the house!


Hello! My name is Pierre, I live with four other PekePoos and a Border Collie, Orbit! My family bought me when I was a pup about 2 years ago. I am the stud of the house, the only male! :]
I sure do like it that way. I get very upset when other male dogs come into my house.
I'm a very sweet and loving dog. I sometimes get into trouble with my friends at home. When you get all of us together, it's kindof hard not to be a bad influence on eachother. :]