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animal Breed: puli

Puli is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on Do you have a Puli? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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My name is Taz & I'm a rescue dog. My former owners brought me back to the rescue after 1 yr. My parents don't know the reason but they really don't care because they believe they found a diamond in the ruff!! Mom & dad think that I am a true GEM!! My parents were told that I was Puli & Terrier mix?? Decide for yourself because I have also been told I'm possibly Griffon, Tibetan Terrier or Portugese Water dog?? What I do know is that I'm daddy's best buddy:D He doesn't work until the evenings so him & I get to hang all day:D My mom comes home from work after 5:00pm & walks me everyday even if the weather is cold:)))) I love all animals & people:D I am a happy-go-lucky boy w/endless luv to give:)))))))