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animal Breed: quarter+horse+x+appaloosa

Quarter+horse+x+appaloosa is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on Do you have a Quarter+horse+x+appaloosa? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Quarter Horse x Appaloosa

I am 13 years old Quarter Horse and Appaloosa cross. I used to be a lesson horse, I was used daily and carried between 4 to 10 kids per day. I was so over used that I get exhausted and my old owner would beat me up. Till somebody took me away from the place. I met my mommy, she worked at the farm. She keep on checking on me out because she feel bad for me. Somebody came in and checking me out, they are thinking to purchase me. My mommy looks so sad because she wants me. The lookers changed their mind because I was ugly and sad horse. My mommy was so thrilled and she brought me for cheap! I was a cheap horse :( but my mommy took care of me, healed me. I was a weak horse but I keep on exercising and improving. Within 6 months I showed a lot of improvement. I entered two shows, it was my mommy first and second shows. I helped her won 3 blues and one yellow. I am so proud of her! My mommy is working on my brother, Blanco to be not scared of things just like me and we will go out trails! I can't wait!