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animal Breed: quarter+horse+x+paint

Quarter+horse+x+paint is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on

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Quarter Horse x Paint

I am a Quarter Horse and Paint cross. I am only 3 years old. I born at a Paint breeding farm. My mom was a first time horse buyer. She is new with everything. She came to see me in a dark and rainy day. She fell in love with me and purchased me right away. I know that she was a idiot! I was brought to a boarding place next day. I was so nervous because I never ridden on the trailer before. I left my home when I am 1 and half years old. She keep on spoiling me with hugs and treats. Till she decided it is time to train me. I learned to be ridden within 2 months. Now, I am in a boarding place with my sister, Aiko. I love Aiko much but sometimes she is grumpy with me because I annoy her. My mom took me to two shows which was her and my first and second. We won total of 6 blues! My mom is so proud of me! Now, I still couldn't figure out why my mom is trying to hurt me, she has been showing me many odd things! I am so frighten! Aiko keep on telling me that they won't harm me. I am still frighten! I heard that my mom is taking me to some where where I will have to carry her for 3 hours in strange places, I hope I will please her :)