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animal Breed: sphynx

Sphynx is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on

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Kellie is an awesome room mate. He loves to cuddle and followes me like my childhood dog did. He is my cool looking friend.


One of a kind..Very charming and extremely lovable.. <3


Hi My name is Ichiro, I'm a Hairless Sphynx...yes, that's right...Hairless...No hairballs for me...I love warm climates...but I cannot go out doors in the sun because I will get a bad sunburn and the risk of heat stroke is way too high . I live strictly indoors and I have a nice heating pad to keep me warm if it get's too cold for me. I have to get a bath every week because my skin gets grimy & oily...Sphynx cats are High-Maintenance...ask my Mommy! I love people and I'm not shy...I will find you if you come into my house...I have a brother, his name is Fez.....he's the timid one..he's afraid of his own shadow! heheh...I don't like loud noises or surprises...I turn into Bi-Polar Kitty! Yep...and you know what that means...Krazy Kat...I'm very territorial of my space, I only share my beddy-boo when I want to...I like to cuddle with my Brother Fez because he keeps me warm and his belly makes a good pillow. Sphynx cats love to cuddle with each other because it keeps us warm, we do not do well at all in cold climates. Our ideal room temperature is 80* . If you like to keep your house cold...don't buy a Hairless Sphynx...It will not be a happy camper. My favorite thing to do is sit in the window and watch lizards and birds all day. I lay on the warm marble and relax in the sun until it gets too hot, then I have to go drink alot of water to re-hydrate. I have alot of wrinkles and I need special skin care to keep my skin from becoming I said...Sphynx cats are high maintenance...we make really good pets if you have alot of time to devote to us... However, if you want a cat that doesn't require alot of up-keep...don't buy a Sphynx...We need alot of pampering to maintain our velvety smooth looks...Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!
^..^ Ichi


I am a new breed called a "Half Elf". My mom was a sphynx hairless. I was supposed to be hairless, but I grew fur! My fur is very coarse, thick and "wavy".

I love all my brothers, snuggling and playing. All my human friends love me because I am friendly, cuddly and I groom them.

I love to eat and I have a dominant personality, so watch out!

I really love to crawl in beer boxes.