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animal Breed: spitz

Spitz is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on

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In early November, 2009 I arrived at my new Human's house. I met him on his back porch. The fence to his back yard was too high for me to jump so he said to me, who put you over the fence. I looked at him with my warm brown eyes with a "I dunno" look. He had to go to work so he took me with him and he spent the day looking for the people who may have lost me. He couldn't keep me so to the SPCA to hopefully find my parents. After he left, they took good care of me. Right after my human signed the papers, he felt like a heel (so I heard) and it was a week before we were reunited. We have been best friends ever since. My name is short for Boomerang. I came, I went and I came back again. I will never leave again.