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animal Breed: standard+chinchilla

Standard+chinchilla is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on Do you have a Standard+chinchilla? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Standard Chinchilla

Hellooo everyone, my name is Fluffy. I was born in April of this year. I was adopted by a military family, but they couldn't keep me anymore cause they were moving. And didn't want to take me on the long journey to their new home. So another military family adopted me on November 14th. I looove them very much. They spoil me wayy to much, but i don't mind. My momma researched like crazy for 5 months before she got me on the chin n hedgie forum. She wanted a chinchilla for 5 years and she finally got one, ME! She got me this huuuge cage, its a double level ferret nation. And it's got handmade shelves for me to jump on. And fleece accessories. I love my fleece tube, it's very comfy. My mommy likes to spoil me with sticks, toys, and lava bites. Lava bites are my favorite, well the pink ones anyways. My daddy i'm not so use to him yet, since he works weird hours and is tired by the time he comes home. But my daddy is a very special man i hear, hims in the Air Force. But i think i just told you a book, so i'm going to go. I have a facebook that you can come admire me on, i'd like it if you liked my page i hope to talk/see some of you soon. Bye (: