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animal Breed: wood+turtle

Wood+turtle is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on

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Wood Turtle

My moms brother brought me to her when I was the size of a half dollar! She didn't know much about me but she did alot of research and set me up! I started out in a ten gallon tank and now have a 55 gallon breeder tank mansion! Im pretty destructive with things and like to rip the filter off the wall every so often. I can't have any other plants or animals in the tank with me because even after all these years, I still love to hunt things down & eat them! I can pick off a common snail fron fifty feet away! My mom feeds me in another bowl & when I see her take it out I will go to the front of my tank and climb up to her. I love to go outside & soak up the sun when I can. My family brings me camping with them and sets up a place where I can live outside. The kids love to catch frogs, worms, and crayfish for me and I love them for that.One time they got in trouble for feeding all the fishing bait to me! I sleep in the camper at night for my own safety. Whoever says that turtles are slow has never seen me move! I love walking around on the grass or on the floor and exploring but if the cats get too close I have to hiss at them. Whoever said its not easy being green was totally wrong!