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animal Breed: york+chocolate

York+chocolate is the number 100+ most popular animal breed on

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York Chocolate

Luna was found under a neighbors house with 20 other kittens of different ages and breeds. My family rescued 4 kittens total: Luna, Snitch, Cocoa, and Ember. Luna had chronic digestive problems for the first 10 months of her life. She wasn't gaining weight and stayed at 6 lbs until 10 months. She was dragged to multiple different veterinarians and underwent several medication trials like a little trooper and we are both happy to announce she is healthy 8.5 lbs and growing everyday!

Luna's hobbies include modeling, meowing, playing in boxes, sitting in potted plant dirt, eating cat food, meowing for more cat food, looking out the open window, sleeping on the couch, sleeping on the table, sleeping in boxes, sleeping on my chest, chasing her toy bacon, trying to catch flies in the house, and putting her paws under the bathroom door. Her favorite human foods to go crazy over are tuna, nutella, and Jimmy John's sandwiches. Luna is quick to sit on a new humans lap and loves loves loves attention.

I wasn't a cat person until the second I held her in my hand.... & I will forever be a crazy cat lady and she will always be my fur baby.

York Chocolate

Black and fluffy. She is medium size and likes to attack me