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animal Names: abigail+adams

Abigail+adams is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams joined our family, with her brother Grover Cleveland, in August 2008. Adopted from the local PAWS (a non-kill shelter) they've been lovable additions. I'm still getting used to the cat hair and the night meows, but when they climb into my lap and sleep, or cuddle together on their bed, it's well worth any trouble. All in all they are perfect cats.

Abby loves to cuddle and loves new people. She may hide for the first five minutes, but once she realizes you're a friend, she'll climb into your lap. And purr. Immediately. She likes to bother her brother mostly - when he goes to fetch the pop cap, she'll try to jump after it first to get it out of the way. But he likes to pounce on her so I suppose it's even. She's less adventurous than Grover and much more classy. She'll most often be found laying on the couch (where she's not supposed to) or on the window sill watching the trees and birds.