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animal Names: agatha

Agatha is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Agatha? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Hey humans reading my profile! First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! I love making new friends online and in the park. Although I am shy around dogs and humans I do not know once I know them well they are buddies for life! My best friend is a kelpie called Tilly. I will see if my mommy can post Tilly's profile here for you guys to see her! She has attached a photo of her in my profile so you can see her too. Now, more about me. I'm a mini fox terrier x chihuahua. Three years and 7 months old. Turning 4 on the 9th of September 2016 (aka this year)! I'm very excited to be growing up although my puppy like personality will always stay the same. I haven't been a cuteness member for long but I love it here and I love having more and more cuteness points although I only have 5 at the moment :( mommy always says I'm really cute. I'm also pretty smart if I have to say so myself. My status tells you an array of tricks my mommy taught me and I loved those training sessions because I go given so many treats! My mommy and her sister spoilt me rotten with those yummy liver crunchies but I wouldn't ever complain! Anyways, woof out doggie pals :)