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animal Names: amber+lynn

Amber+lynn is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Amber Lynn
American Shorthair

Amber Lynn was adopted from an animal rescue foster home at 8 weeks old . Shy at first with the other 3 older cats, she soon became enbolden when it dawned on her they were giving her leeway and "first dibs" on everything because she was a baby. She then became what we nicknamed her "the Holy Terror", and began to really put some spice intto the others' lives. She , causies them to chase her with her version of "tag" --- jumping up and down on them while they slept like they were trampolines and then ran away). She stole treats right out of their mouths and then then growled when they tried to retrieve them! Now that shes older & bigger things arre more quiet, but occasionally the "Holy Terror" does strike again.