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animal Names: anabel

Anabel is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Anabel is a female Tortoise Shell cat with as much tortitude that can fit into her 9 pound body. She has all the tortie traits I have read about and she is a bundle of love. (when she wants to be)

Cocker Spaniel

Anabel is a very sweet, and affectionate cocker spaniel. She is a little neurotic, since she insists on being by your side 24x7. She has a insatiable appetite, and loves to eat more than anything else, even being close by. She doesn't know that she is not a person, she doesn't even recognize what dogs are, I mean she is unimpressed with animals of any kind. She thinks her house mate (Spot the Cat) is absolutely insane, and is highly suspicious of Spot's urge to bite her in the ass. Can't blame her on that one! Besides her mild paranoia, she gives the cat a wide berth and just stays close by anxiously awaiting the next nap or snack.