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animal Names: ancy

Ancy is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hello My Name is Ancy, I Also was a drop and run. When my family found me i was cold, wet and very sick and hungry. I since Have a Little weight Problem but i am working on that. I was a inside and outside cat until a cat with a long white tail and nasty smell Got me. since the thought of going out is pure hell, Just to go by the door is bad. But i Dont let that stop me from being head of the house which is a full time job for me as there are 5 other people that live with me in my house. Two are humans , two are dogs, one is kitten. Damn She makes me nuts. I just hate when the house is noisy. I have to get away and I really am a home body and wish all the people that come see me would be too.

I most of the time i am mean to my family, but when my family gets sick even that damn dog ( buford) gets sick i sit and make sure no one bugs them. Bc I really do care about them even if i would never admit it!!!