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animal Names: andy

Andy is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hello! My name is Andy and I just found my forever home! My new mommy and daddy found me wandering around the main road in early August 2013 and scooped me up! I was sad at first because they had to bring me to the shelter to see if my old owners would claim me but after 3 days, they came back and adopted me! I had an old family but I don't think they took good care of me since I was found with no collar or chip, my hair was all matted and I was very hungry and thirsty. But I am house trained and I know a few basic commands and mommy says I am very well behaved! I am happy that I can please her with my good behavior because when I do, she gives me lots of treats!

I am getting used to my new home with my two kitty roomies Bo and Churchill. I learned pretty quick that Bo is the master of this house so I try not to upset him. I am really just curious and I would never hurt them. Mommy told me they have had a rough past with doggies and that I must be nice and protect them from danger. I am doing my best!

Mommy is making sure I get plenty of food and water to get my weight back up. I just got my first grooming and I already feel so much better! Plus I went to the vet the other day and they said I am very healthy!


My Name Is Andy my mommy called me her little man or lumpy love. I truly was my mommy's heart where ever she was I was I never ever left her side. And I still am by her side but only now I live in the rainbow fields. Even though my mommy can't see me I am still with her. When I got sick she slept down stairs by my side every night. I love her! BUT I am with my sister Abby now we are together and having fun! We both are so happy no more being sick! YAY! Lola Mae the little brat ( i wasn't allowed to call her that) is with my mom and she is keeping mom busy! My mom heart is broken but in time it will heal she always said Andy you are my heart! And she was MINE!!!! Love ya mommy xxx/ooo Love ya ANDY xxx/ooo

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