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animal Names: angie+girl

Angie+girl is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Angie Girl
American Pit Bull Terrier

Hi All ..My name is Angie I am an APBT ....I have a fur sis her name is Bella and 2 cats ,Simon and Snickers and of course my mom , dad and my 2 legger sis . Bella's fur bro. went to the bridge on Sat. April 25th and mom brought me home on Mon. the 27th .When I was 6wks. old. mom already had me picked out ( i was pick of the litter for mom) mom brought me home early for 2 reasons , 1st cause i was livin in a not so clean garage and it was still getting cold here at night and mom wanted me in a clean,warm and dry home and 2nd Bella was really missin. Dozer ... Smile it feel's Good