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animal Names: aodhfin+mogwai

Aodhfin+mogwai is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Aodhfin+mogwai? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Aodhfin Mogwai
Turkish Angora

Answers to the nickname "Muggie" or "Mogwai" when he's in trouble (lmao)

Origin and Meaning of the Name Aodhfin
Gender: Boy
Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: "White fire"
Pronunciation: (AY fin)

I found my way to mom by her former roommate who said that she found me outside a Walmart (what's that? cos I don't remember that far back anymore) with a man who said that his dogs were being too rough with me. I was so tiny back then (see photo at left) that I was able to fit in my mom's hand. That's how I nabbed her heart :o)

Since then, I've shared my space with quite a few rescues who have all went on to great forever homes! Nemo, Charlie Checkers, Dini, Kiddo, and a few others that I have forgotten their names

I live indoors now because last year, I decided to scare my mom by running across the road one day when she was home on a break between school and work. Welllll.. the truck missed me but not the car. I'm very lucky and grateful to be a cat cos I think I lost about 4 lives that day! I broke the part of my tail that joins my spine and I couldn't jump for six months (I hated that! A boy's gotta jump and play!). But here it is, a year later, I am doing great! My injury only hurts when the weather changes or when I've been super hyper all day.

There's not much else to talk about seeing how I'm usually busy chasing my toys around the place or sleeping on top of my mom (she tends to knock me off cos she tosses and turns in her sleep) cos I miss her soooo much when she's away getting her edumacation (as she calls it.. I dunno what that is.. must be the white fur in me! lol).

*paws up!* Stay PAWS-itive!