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animal Names: arrow

Arrow is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Arrow? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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We rescued Arrow 6 years ago from a abusive family. He quickly found his place in our family and became the top cat. Always quick to get a laugh and belly scratch from his human family members.
Arrow passed away in March 22, 2010. He had a blood clot that was not previously detected and broke loose, paralyzing his back legs. He had been battling kidney disease and was a trooper through it all. At the vets spending my last few minutes with him my phone kept ringing, it was a different tone I had not heard before and was in my pocket, so I did not realize it was mine at first. I continued to spend some time with him, my heart shattering with every moment and my phone ran again, a final gift from my sweet boy, it was the college I had applied to with news that I had been accepted. I hugged and kissed him as he passed on, that was my boy, my sweet boy Arrow.
He was very, very special to me, his grandma and his boy and will always remain deeply part of us. The 6 years we had him just did not seem long enough.
RIP buddy--Love momma, gma and the boy

Labrador Retriever