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animal Names: ashton

Ashton is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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HI, I'm Ashton!! I used to live in a pet store with all my friends, I had fun there but sometimes one of my friends would be taken away by this big scary hand that would chase us around till it caught us :( Then one day the hand reached in and chased us as usual it picked up one of my friends and we thought that it had left. But just as we started playing again it came back and put our friend back and just sat there. I heard voices outside and got curios so i hopped up on the hand and looked out side i sat on the hand for awhile until it started to move i got scared and tried to go back to my friends but then a nice lady started talking and picked me up she seemed nice. Then they put me in a traveling cage and took me to there house. Now i live with mommy and get good food, water, and lots of TREATS. Sometimes i miss my friends but mommy says she is looking for a girlfriend for me!


Hello! My name is ashton martin! Im a purebred weimaraner! As you probaly know i am very tall and slender. There is absolutely one thing i cannot live without! Or actually who i cant live without. MY GRANDMA! I love her more than anyhthing. I just go crazy when she leaves or disappears. I dont stop waiting for her to come back. I stay at the door waiting for her. I have a bad case of separation anxiety which is known in weimaraners. I like to leap like a deer when im outside with my roomamates and fetch sticks. Especially when my grandma is with me. She could actualy be called my mommy because she takes care of me and my roommates along with the help of my auntie. So i hope you like my silly picture. Have a good year fellow anipals!