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animal Names: atticus+finch

Atticus+finch is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Atticus Finch
Labrador Retriever

Hello everyone!! My mom is having fun on this new site, uploading pictures and catching up with new friends!!! I was her Mother's Day present 7 years ago...a coworker of my dad brought me home to a tiny apartment and was told that she couldn't keep me. Mom saw me and fell in love...she also knew by my feet, that I was going to be a big dad brought me home for them (and my human sister) to love. Two years ago, my dog brother, Cooper, came to live with us. He's a little troublemaker, but I try to teach him the ropes and how to stay out of trouble!

You may notice from one of the photos, I had to have surgery on my left leg. For years, the vet thought I had hip dysplasia, but we went to a specialist and I had injured and then tore my ACL in my knee. I had surgery on it and all has been well...I do get a little gimpy when I've been rambunctious.

Thank you for all the sweet comments and here's to long lasting friendships!!! : ) <3