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animal Names: auston

Auston is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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I was the wife of a beloved man named Jesse James. I am the mother of his beautiful children two including Gizzmo and Moemoe but i went onto a deep depresion when Jesse passed away. i loved him so much and when he dissapeared and his mom couldnt stop crying i knew something was wrong....and a part of me was gone for forever. I slept and cryed all the time and eventually gave up trying to feed the pups because i couldnt produse milk my pups had to be bottle fed to live...i didnt get to know my children becasue my daddy took me away from them but i know that as long as their in the care of a responsible human that they'll grow up loyal and perfect....just like their dad.....i miss you honey! with my heart and soul and ill never be the same without you! you were and always will be my one true love! <3 </3