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animal Names: avery+(moved)

Avery+(moved) is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Avery (Moved)

Avery was a rabbit that I adopted in February of 2010 along with another rabbit at adoption days at Petsmart. I got both rabbits on the condition that I was going to try to socialize them. While the other rabbit was willing to make friends Avery wasn't. Avery was fine with Taco but would attack the other rabbit. Avery also wasn't housetrained and although he wouldn't pee on anyone he would poop while he was being held. Before I learned this I was holding him one day and it sounded like there was a ball bouncing in the house and it turned out to be Avery. I had to take him back to the cage because he wasn't stopping. Other than that he had no other problems and if he had gotten along with Oreo it wouldn't have stopped me from keeping him but that wasn't going to happen so I ended up returning him. Shortly after I found Chibi and Kojikaki and Avery and Oreo found happy homes.