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animal Names: baby+kitty

Baby+kitty is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Baby Kitty
Farm Cat

Baby Kitty is a cute 13 year old kitty

Baby Kitty
Domestic Shorthair

My parents found me running in the streets and eating out of a dumpster. Now I'm the perfect indoor cat with street smart spunk!

Baby Kitty
Domestic Longhair

Baby Kitty was a feral kitten....extremely wild. His mother and siblings began disappearing one by one and we never did figure out what happened to them. We fed them but were unable to capture them. Baby Kitty was the only remaining kitten in the litter and his extreme feral condition is probably what saved him from whatever or whomever was taking the cats. He hid beneath the house and we couldn't lure him out, though we did leave food out for him so he wouldn't starve. He was approximately 4 weeks old when I first saw him (with his mother and siblings). Fortunately, he was old enough to eat the moistened dry food we left him and he was a survivor. When exterminators were scheduled to come out to spray for ants under the house, I was desperate to trap him and rescue him from being poisoned by the exterminators. It took at least a week of constantly baiting a trap, borrowed from the Feral Cat Commission, with tunafish, before we finally caught him. We brought him from my friend's house to my house and let him loose in the house, as we couldn't even come close to holding him at first. Originally, following our rescue of "the baby kitty", when we did catch him and try to hold him, trying to coax him to trust us, we had no luck whatsoever. We decided to let him learn to trust us on his own terms and in his own time, which was over several years' time. Eventually he became quite tame, perhaps a little skittish around strangers, but in spite of being wild, he was always a gentle cat. The "baby kitty", as we had been calling him, for lack of a better name at first, learned to trust us and to develop other more domestic behaviors by bonding closely with one or another cat in the household, copying their behaviors, learning even how to "mew" properly. Well, we had a dilemma trying to name him. He was so exotically beautiful, that all I could think of for him were girl's names. By that time "the baby kitty" had stuck, in spite of our plans, and we just ended up calling him Baby Kitty, which he responds to. He has chosen one of my other cats, Shadow, as his snuggle-buddy and they are inseparable. When Shadow isn't around, he hangs out with Sammy. Baby Kitty, though he looks like a blue point Siamese, does not have the traditional Siamese yowl. He still has his little kitten mew. Anyway, Baby Kitty is beautiful.