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animal Names: baby+luv

Baby+luv is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Baby Luv

I was a Christmas present for my owner. When she got me I was only four months old and so tiny and skinny. I had a huge tail as well. She called me here little Meerkat because I went in to a meerkat pose all the time. I am the only kitty in the house and I like it that way. I get all the attention, love, snuggles, cuddles, toys, and treats! All for me! My right eye is a little messed up, it only throws me off balance every once in a while.
My mommy calls me her 'lil luver' some times when we are snuggling. I like to lie on her bed it's soft! My favorite treat my humans give me is ham. I love ham. Turkey and Tuna are lovely too but I LUV ham.
I currently only have one toy at the moment. I broke the rest or I forgot where I put them. You see when I want to play I drag my toy to my mommy or one of my other humans. Still, I love the toy I have now! It's a huge fleece ribbon like thing attached to a stick! They play with me all the time with it!