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animal Names: badger

Badger is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Jack Russell Terrier

Well, this is kinda weird, since I died, or, as I've since learned, I came to the Rainbow Fields, this past June 17, but I'm still close to my mom and all my buddies who are still "amongst the living". My mom says I was the definition of a JRT--I'm not sure what she meant by that, but it couldn't have been too bad 'cause she really loved me. And I was a very lucky dog--my mom & dad picked me out from my littermates and took me home--I lived in the same house, out in the country, with the same family all my 17 years--I was always happy, healthy and cherished, and I realize, because I can see so much more now that I'm dead--how rare a life like mine was for a dog. My best wish is that all dogs (and cats, too, I guess) could be happy like I was. And I am still a happy dog--just waitin' in these beautiful fields, meeting new friends as they arrive, and looking forward to seeing all my old friends when they come on over to join me.


Ho Ho Ho! Santas getting ready to deliver all his joy and laughter!!!