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animal Names: bailey+baby

Bailey+baby is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Bailey Baby

Bailey Baby was my rescue baby. When I first met him, his head was stuck in a dog's head. I broke up the fight and still did not know who either belonged to at that time. I was forced to put the dog down due to injuries and was shocked to learn that Bailey was going to survive. I posted pictures all over campus and found that he belonged to a little old lady on the next block behind my house. He had gotten out when she opened the door to go check on the mail. She begged me to keep Bailey since he had done so well with me. In addition, she wanted me to take his litter mate Blackie, which I was not ready to do since I lived in a condo. Blackie still found his way back to my house and I couldn't keep the two apart after they bumped heads with each other. I ditched my condo to find a place out in the country so we would all be happy! Bailey and Blackie are imported (with their original owner) from Birmingham, England. Bailey's original name was Nigel, but I changed it to Bailey as my bird Paris trained him to answer to that while I was still trying to come up with a name! Bailey loved to be with me every room I went to.Even when I would go for drives, Bailey often went for rides too! He had a strong love of life and was extremely lovable. Unfortunately, I did not realize that he had a bit of brain damage from the dog fight 5 years before (it never showed). I now am taking care of his brother Blackie (who also misses him greatly). Bailey passed away 9/11/13 as I did have him put down since I loved him so much, I could not bare to see him in pain! He really was a rare best friend pet!