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animal Names: balou

Balou is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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I am the clumsiest puppy you will ever meet! I fall off the couch, run into walls, and fall down stairs daily, which gives my mom mini heart attacks everytime! But I am a tough little guy, getting bigger by the moment!

My mom and dad rescued me, so I have no idea how big I will get, or what exactly I am! The shelter guessed I am a Labradoodle/Cairn Terrior mix. I am very young and friendly, and can't wait to make best friends!

American Pit Bull Terrier

I"m almost a year old now. Even though I'm a southern dog from New Orleans, I've experienced my first snow and I LOVE it.

French Bulldog

Favorite hobbies include: eating, playing, cuddling, and farting (not in that order)