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animal Names: banana

Banana is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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American Rock

Banana is an adorable rock. She likes to eat grass, and bananas also she likes to nibble on my finger.As soon as I download photos you will see her cute face.Once before banana was my pet rock, she was neglected by former owner at carousel park.She was there along with all the other neglected rocks. Stepped on by more than 17 horses and 58 humans also more than 32 dogs.She loves to make new friends.I picked her up and carried her around in my purse and took her geo-catching with me.She really enjoys doing these activities with me.Loves to play Ramlopstoiua and sausage.Can play dead better than any dog, cat, bird, pig, horse,fish, guinea pig, hamster,iguana,spider,rock, and any other animal.Can hold her breath for longer than 4 weeks.Hopes to be a famous statue one day.Wants to be carved into picture of John Travolta.Her favorite actor, she has seen him in absolutely every movie.Every talk show, and everywhere else!