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animal Names: barnaby+bones

Barnaby+bones is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Barnaby+bones? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Barnaby Bones

Barnaby is a real character. We adopted him when he was four years old but the way he acts towards us, you would think he was with us all his life. He loves the whole family but he is definitely Mommy’s little boy. I can go outside just to throw out the trash and when I come back, he gets so excited, it is as if I had been gone all day. Recently my Mom was in the hospital and I had been getting home late from visiting her. The rest of the family is in bed but he waits up for me on the couch and then goes to bed when I do. He isn’t very social with other animals and doesn’t even like seeing them on TV. If there are animals on the TV screen, he will jump off his favorite spot (the couch or my lap) and go after them. If they go off the screen, he goes to the side or back of the TV to see where they went. For some unknown reason, he has also gotten upset when Dracula was on the screen. His evening ritual is comical too. He will go in his bed and then drag it across the bedroom only to end up dragging it back to its original spot. He is an absolute treasure and always brings a smile to our faces no matter what the day was like.