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animal Names: baylie

Baylie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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My name is Baylie, mom rescued me from a shelter 2 hours from her house then took me straight to Petsmart on the way home cause she didn't have a collar or toys small enough for me, lol. Mom then worried that Samzabar and Kalista would squash me cause I was so little, but they are careful of me. Kaylie is my favorite playmate though cause she is gentle and friendly with me, Kalista is a little rough and Samzabar isn't too fond of shrimps like me. Mom only had me a week before someone stole me right out of her backyard while mom was at work and scared her to death. She had to tie Samzabar up for a couple of days while she was working cause he was jumping the fence until she had another day off to run the electric wire around the top of the fence and while he was tied up and couldn't protect the yard someone came in and took me. I was missing for two days before mom found me locked up on the front porch or a house 2 blocks over from mom's. Mom knew as little as I am that there was no way I got there by myself and since no one was at the house at the time, mom walked up there and got me back. I was sooo happy to see her I licked her all over her face and was thrilled to be home again with Kalista and Kaylie and Samzabar. The people who stole me took my brand new collar and tag too so that's why I'm not wearing one in the pictures. Mom fixed the fence so Samzabar again has the run of the back yard when mom isn't home and when mom has to go to work now she puts me in the kennel in the middle of the yard with Kalista for protection. Someone would have to get past Samzabar to get me out of there plus it's locked too. I'm glad mom found me and I'm really glad mom rescued me from that shelter cause I was the next on the put to sleep list cause they needed more space. Mom thinks I'll be about the size of Kaylie when I get full grown.