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animal Names: bearhound

Bearhound is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hey I'm Bearhound!! When I was a puppy I was living under this old guy's travel trailer cause his poor old dog keeps having litter after litter of puppies. Mom saw my little head peek out from under the trailer and she knew she had to help me. My grandma said they were going to "find me a home" but I just stuck around so now I'm part of the family! My birth dad is a Wolf/shepherd mix who my mom says is the size of a small pony. Maybe I'll get that big! I was sick as a puppy and my new family had to MAKE me eat and drink water but I got stronger and stronger and now I'm a big healthy puppy!

My mom moved so I went to go live with my grapma. I play with his other dog Masey all the time cause she's my best friend! We chase golf balls together and and wrestle all we want. I get to swim in the creek everyday now too and I love the water. I drive my grampa a little crazy when I chew on his things (like his pillow. Ooops!) but he loves me.
Bring on any challenges! :")