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animal Names: bebe

Bebe is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Bebe? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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BeBe is a very sweet and gentle KITTY. When he was younger he acted more like a dog dressed in a cat suit. ! He will always announce himself when he comes for affection or food. He gets very annoyed with his POM brother who is always trying to steal the show. Besides loving to eat, he loves to be brushed and comes running to Mommy when he sees the brush come out.

American Eskimo Dog
Lhasa Apso

80% sweet and obedient and 20% crazy!

Bebe came home on January 28, 2005. I adopted him through Minnies, cousins, ex-husbands, housemates (whew!). Bebe's ex-mommy had a baby and didn't have time to give to Bebe anymore. So sad for her but so happy for me!

Louisa called me and asked if I wanted to adopt Bebe. Before I even seen his darling face, I said yes. The next day, I received photos of him. The day after that, I went over to Bebe's ex-mommys house to meet him. I pretty much made up my mind that I would take him as long as they let me. That's what I did! I took him!! He was a lot bigger than I had anticipated. But he is super sweet, cute, jumpy and most importantly, he was good with my young nieces, which is 110% important.

His ex-mommy gave me his food, bed, leash and toys. I was the happiest new doggie mommy EVER! I'm a doggie mommy! I'm a doggie mommy!

Bebe...I didn't like that name. Bebe is a womans clothing store!! So, I decided to rename him. My bestfriend, Meshi, suggested that I name him Charlie. She said, he looks like a Charlie. I said, Charlie...nah...not Charlie. So, I said...hmmm... Chiquita! No that won't work, that's a girl name (plus, the name of my childhood Pekingnese). Then I said, Chico, a masculine version of Chiquita...nah that was stoopid! I felt lucky to have, I decided on Lucky! Then I thought, that is so Chinesey of me to do that. Forget it!!! Ding ding ding went into my brain! He looks like a...Charlie Baby Bebe!! Meshi was like "Ah ha, ai YA, you best listen to Meshi, she knows best!" How did that happen, Meshi has such an affect on me... As time went on, Bebe didn't respond to Charlie... WHY NOT? I guess it's because he had the name Bebe for the first 5 years of his life... DUH! So, I've reverted back to...dee dee dee dummmm... Bebe. Hmmm...he seems to respond better to that name.

As I got to know Bebe better, I discovered that he is an AWSOME dog! He's a fully trained package! He is so smart! Potty trained, knows how to jump, shake hands, speak, lie down, listen to my stop and go commands. Wowza wowza! I was so amazed with what his ex-mommy trained him to do and so grateful for her excellent skills for training him. Now that he's mine, I will NEVER give him up, he's such a wonderful companion. And he's not bad looking either. OK, he's a ubber cutie pie. That face! Can't get sick of looking at it.

Looks like the Bebe has found his forever home with me Me ME! And I'm so happy that I have him too.

*** Welcome to your forever home, Bebe! ***

Adopted: 01.28.05

Jack Russell Terrier